When talk about vehicle’s safety, brakes top the list of systems that need regular checking. If the brake pedal, steering wheel or the entire vehicle shakes, vibrates when the brakes are applied, it means that your brakes need repair.

If your clutch pedal goes to the floor, is hard to get into gear, car is leaking fluid, car won’t move when you let the clutch out, then we are in Dandenong to help you.

Visit our brake and clutch repair specialist at Chandigarh Motors Dandenong to ensure that your car’s braking system will never fail you. We offer a range of brake and clutch services.

Brakes and clutch repair service Dandenong

Brakes and clutch repair service in Dandenong.

Chandigarh Motors utilises computerised testing equipment to evaluate clutch and brake performance.

  • Brake pad and Disc rotor replacement
  • Raise vehicle and remove all wheels
  • Replace Brake Pads required
  • Check the brake callipers / cylinders
  • Road test the vehicle for safety
  • Machining of Disc rotors, Brake drums and flywheels
  • Brake Booster Overhaul & Exchange brake boosters
  • We fit or replace clutches on cars, four wheel drives and vans
  • Clutch rebuilding and repairs
  • Clutch plate relining
  • Clutch hydraulic repairs
  • We can replace everything related to your vehicles brakes and clutch
  • Cheap brakes repair service

We recommend that you have your brakes checked at least once a year even if there are no signs or wear or tear. Our business is proudly Australian owned and our experience means your vehicle is in safe hands. We will inspect your brakes and clutch for Free and give advice on what is required.

Why choose our brakes and clutch repair service.

  • We ensure the safe and efficient operation of your vehicle with our disc and drum machining service..
  • We offer a full brakes repair service, no matter what make or model car you drive.
  • After repairing your brakes and clutch you will feel safer, smoother and quieter driving.
  • Our workshop is equipped with the latest brake repair equipment.
  • High performance slotted discs and brake pad upgrades.